The team at All Canada Moving works hard to provide exceptional service and care to our customers, whether we move them local or international. To be acknowledged with an award by the Allied Van Lines customers for the excellence service we provide is one of the best testimonials a moving company can be given!

The team at All Canada Moving is very proud of this award.

Customer Choice Award:

Customer Choice Award is only given to 20 Allied Agents from different divisions on an international scale.  How Allied Van Lines decides who receives this prestigious award is based on ratings customers have given for exceptional service as collected by the Quality Department of Allied Van Lines.  Where possible, Allied Van Lines ask customers to complete a survey identifying how satisfied they were with the service they received within their moving process. It is these surveys that are uses to determine the quality of service rating each agent receives.  The period the ratings come from is based on a 12 month quality of service audit ending the 4th quarter of 2017 (Dec 31, 2017).

The Team at All Canada Moving is also very proud to be an Agent for Allied Van Lines for the exceptional services we provide as a family to our customers on an international level.

Women’s Choice Award:

The Women’s Choice Award is given for excellent service in each industry and for the Moving industry, Allied Van Lines has received the annual Women’s Choice Award three times in a row, which is an amazing feat in itself. Women’s Choice Award originates in the United States and is a website designed for women to direct them to products and services highly recommended by other women in the US.  Allied Van Lines was chosen by women, to be the preferred mover for women in the USA and has received the award based on customer satisfaction for 2015, 2016 and 2017. For more information on the Women’s choice Awards, please visit: