Senior Moves

Senior Moves

At All Canada Moving, we realize that moving as a senior can be especially demanding and more complex than a relocation move for younger folk and families.

We take extreme care to ensure that any special considerations seniors require are handled professionally and every phase of their move is clearly communicated with the senior, before, during and after their move.

Some of the challenges that seniors may have to consider when moving include:

Downsizing: Moving later in life can often involve relocating to a smaller dwelling and their belongings need to be downsized to fit their new accommodations.

Family Involvement: Often when moving the family will help with downsizing. All Canada Moving works closely with family members to ensure a seamless transition move for the senior.

Senior Assisted Care:  Seniors may be relocated into a care facility. By working together with the family and the care facility, All Canada Moving makes the move as stress-free as possible.

Senior Discounts: We realize Senior may be on a very tight moving budget based on their pension, so please contact us to receive a discounted rate.